Sexual-Molestation at Jadhavpur University –#Ekabali Ghosh and 12 others Vs #Ekalavya Chaudhuri

Sexual harassment
STOP! Sexual abuse, you warped psychos!

Folks! 13 girls can’t lie and definitely not together! But, what’s ridiculously amazing is that these 13 girls never really fought back, until now! (I really wonder why they were so meek, coming from such an extensive educational background) I’ve read some of the chat-transcripts (not all, sorry am not patient enough, as its all crap) exchanged between the notorious literary sexual-pervert #Ekalavya Chaudhuri and some of his equally eloquent victims. Most of the times these girls were so dumb that their replies seemed to be in awe of Ekalavya’s predatory lascivious messages. Sample this…

Ekalavya: “Uff, Plz don’t slap me for saying this, but your breasts are gorgeous” (sic)

Victim: “You had to say that didn’t you” (sic)

Hello Victim, are you dumb? He has just passed a sick warped-up ribaldry to get you laid. You could have said, ‘Excuse me, you need to stop flirting so openly cause I don’t like jerks like you.’ And yes, you definitely should have blocked him immediately after that, but your half-willing reply made the pervert add more depraved nonsense, and he went on

Ekalavya: “Well, they are. There’s no getting around the fact” (sic)

Sample one more,

Ekalavya: “I love this dp. Make me want to rub my musty cock all over your face” (sic)

Victim: “I don’t remember my dp anymore. Oh okay yeah that” (sic)

Dear Victim, again your answer is wrong. Why do you want to remember on which dp he wanted to rub his musty cock? You should have just said. ‘Shut the hell up bastard!’ and blocked him. Because you tried to remember on which dp pic of yours he wanted to rub his ‘musty cock’ on, he went on…

Ekalavya: “Yeah it makes me want to rub my cock all over your face. Make you smell the mingled sweat and musk and dried cum. Then push you down and smear my chest to yours” (sic)

Check out this conversation…

Victim: “Mona Lisa is dead… And so is Davinci… I really wish the same fate for you…” (sic)

Ekalavya: “You wish me dead?” (sic)

Victim: “Me? Hah, such ideas dearie… Did I ever say such a thing? Could I ever?” (sic)

Ekalavya: “If you were here now I would smear your entire naked body with paint and mash you against me…” (sic)

Victim: “Do I look like potato to you? What’s with all the mashing?” (sic)

Ekalavya: “With paint smeared on both our bodies and rubbing against each other?” (sic)

Victim: “Are you an allergen? Cause I don’t have asthama. Leonardo Da vinci would be proud of you boy, you’re taking figure painting to new levels” (sic)

Ekalavya: “You’re making me so hard. I’d be your Davinci if you’d be my Mona Lisa.” (sic)

This conversation goes on and on and nowhere does the victim seriously try to shove a pole in Ekalavya’s ass. Any third party reader would find it as a flirtatious bonhomie between two acquaintances.

Atleast one or more of these fervent message-sharing victims are part of that 13 girl group. I really haven’t gone through exactly what #Ekabali Ghosh has exchanged in her transcripts with Ekalavya, (practically, I haven’t found any) but she vocally says that Ekalavya along with his female muse, Janhabi Mukherjee, physically abused her. On the face of it, I buy her words completely. But Ekabali! What happened to your two hands and your two knees, you could have slapped the shit out of that devilish-duo, you could have even crushed those chauvinistic balls with your knees and made him a fucking eunuch. Don’t be so sensitive about your body. You are born in the ‘Land of Kaali.’ So what if you have boobs, your adversary has got his entire reproductive system hanging loose off guard. He’s more vulnerable than you. Trust me!

All you 13 girls, trust me when I say you’re my mothers, wives, sisters and daughters! Trust my sincerity when I reprimand you for not being tough enough almost immediately and trying to be cohesive with a psychotic debilitating bastard. He definitely was eloquent and charming in his flirtatious rhapsody. But he is a jerk and you should have been enlightened of that fact the very instance he came up with sexually–explicit exquisitely-camouflaged eloquent adjectives. But hey! I’m still your father, brother, husband and son. I have every right to be angry with you. Don’t I? Ok, Now that I have gotten your attention, you have mine!!

Hello #Ekalavya Chaudhuri! Hope you’re not fine! Trust me when I say prison is full of bigger jerks than you and they all have ‘bigger’ and ‘mustier’ cocks than you. Trust me when I say those jerks are not literary juggernauts like you, who try to fuck your mind first and then try to appease you with their mustier cocks. They literally, will shove up their mustier cocks up your ass without even saying a ‘hi,’ and then make sure they offer you a continuous stream of derogatory literary-rhapsodicals whenever you’re crying your lungs out. Hope you’ve read about the fate of the highly-publicised ‘Nirbhaya’s main-molestor,’ ‘Ram Singh.’ If you haven’t yet… I suggest, you read him up quickly now. He was continuously raped by his fellow convicts in jail and then hanged to death, by them. Do You know why fellow convicts pick on rapists and woman abusers in prisons world-wide? Because they all are there, sincerely working their asses-out in this competitive cut-throat capital society trying to feed their mothers, their wives, their sisters and their daughters and they don’t fucking like it when some useless jerk like you messes up with their mothers, wives, sisters and daughters in their absence. Trust me when I say that the present crop of generation identifies themselves more with Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s ideals rather than with Bapuji Mahatma Gandhi’s. Trust me when I say I’m definitely someone from that very same prison, that’s awaiting your arrival, reading about you this very instant, lubricating my musty hard-on cock with ‘mingled sweat and musk and dried-cum’ and  Trust me when I say, You’ve already booked your place at a bloody mid-night prison orgy, full of sadistic people like me hankering for your blood. Trust me when I say, if you don’t end up in a prison, You’re doubly psychologically dead! You’ve already earned your rightful place in this  unforgiving defamatory hell which will forever look upon you as an untrustworthy lecherous cock-roach that needs to be flushed down the toilet and never be seen again. Trust me when i say, you really are already dead, my dear degenerative slimy cancerous eloquent-brute!

Please girls! Don’t stop. I’m with you. All dutiful, sincere, loving fathers, brothers, husbands, and sons of mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters are with you! But remember, everyone will reprimand you. Yes! Be prepared. Don’t be frigid. Accept your mistakes wholeheartedly and you shall have a voice!

We’re the authors of ‘The Unconquerable Heart: God’s Fist’ and our book stands for the rights of the prejudiced. We’re highly passionate and supportive of the voices of the subdued souls of this society and we sincerely love to stand by them.



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