Munna Kaalika – The Unconquerable Heart


Presenting the Main Protagonist – ‘Munna Kaalika’ from our book,                                                       ‘The Unconquerable Heart’



The Perseverance of Seething Vengeance – Protagonist’s Undercurrent State of mind:

The dark skies roared relentlessly engulfing this part of the world in a heavy down pour. No one would suspect it to be a full moon night, but it was in fact a pleasant full moon night with multiple lines of clusters of distant stars shining brightly around the nightly torch of the skies, like the arms of an intricately encrusted diamond necklace, until just an hour ago, when the skies suddenly decided to take a leak. Streaks of lightning flashed across the sky and illuminated the meagre suburban neighbourhood which otherwise was deprived of electricity, owing to a short circuit at the nearby powerhouse.

The drain-pipes were not yet installed into the unfinished building and the rain water completely clogged its rooftop. Relentless spluttering of the skies caused rhythmic splattering noises on the rooftop, as large rain droplets continuously hit the already stagnant pool of water, and joining chorus with the rain droplets splatter was a steady splashing sound caused by the bouncing of a dark-skinned muscled man, on his toes.

The pitch-dark night made it impossible for anyone in the vicinity, to notice that, there bounced a heavily bearded man, with long flowing tresses, on the rooftop of the unfinished building. Rain droplets slid off the obscure man’s forehead continuously, blocking his vision irritatingly, but his eyes were alarmingly focused, as if he were about to thrust a thread into the eye of a needle. His steadfast, piercing eyes could convince anyone to easily surmise that he never once knew how to smile or blink his eyes, but neither of them were true.

‘If I could speak, I mighta sounded just like this… But hell no!’ The obscure man’s tumultuous conscience echoed within him, giving him ample conviction to stay focused as he bounced on his toes, onto the muddled pool of water, clenching his blood smeared bandaged fists closer to his chest.

‘Silence is all I speak, silence is all I hear and silence is all I got!’ His conscience continued, ‘But, I’m no dumb ass. You’ve hurt the one I love the most, you’ve ridiculed her, you tore her apart. Now am gonna tear you apart… flesh… blood… bone and nerve… until you suffer and die a death that’s even horrible for the hell’s own ghouls to imagine…

I’m Munna Kaalika, son of Kaalika Devi and I ain’t taking it lying back… NO MORE!’

As his riotous conscience roared from with him, a wild scary smile crossed his lips and he suddenly shot off his right fist, slicing it through the rain droplets. ‘NO MORE…. NO MORE!!’ His conscience echoed intermittently yet loudly within him as his fist landed with a sharp thud on his target – a reinforced concrete pillar, which was now glaringly visible, courtesy of a streak of lightening that flashed suddenly from across the darkened skies.

The impact of his punch emitted a sharp cracking noise and a sizeable chunk of concrete got chipped off of the reinforced concrete pillar, and it flew into the air along with other smaller chunks of concrete that got dislodged and a few droplets of the man’s own boiling red blood, and it fell into the stagnant pool of water, causing a big splash.

A lengthy streak of lightening once again shone brightly over the rooftop, revealing other pillars that were similarly chipped off on either of their sides, baring the underlying knotted bars of steel, uglily. The turbulent skies emitted a protracted roar, subtly offering a voice to the otherwise alarmingly silent man’s subdued emotions; neither the thunderous downpour nor the man’s emotions were in a mood to die down any sooner.

                                       THE UNCONQUERABLE HEART

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _




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