Authors’ Note – The Unconquerable Heart

What is our book all about? Check out the Authors’ Note, to have an in-depth idea of ‘The Unconquerable Heart’s’ true spirit…

‘Possibility’ and ‘Power’:

The easiest way God Chose to analyze the ‘Human spirit,’ of its predisposition towards saintly/ sinisterly activities, was to just plant the ‘Tree of knowledge’ or simply ‘present a POSSIBILITY,’ as we both brothers would prefer to call it, in the ‘Garden of Eden’ or ‘Earth’ as we all refer to it now, and supervise the ‘human spirit,’ on how it would choose to use the ‘Forbidden Fruit’ or simply ‘POWER,’ as we both brothers have analyzed it to be, that arises out of such a ‘POSSIBILITY.’

It is, indeed more or less, the same schema that God employs even today, to analyze and test the ‘inherent angelic and ghoulish tendencies of billions of human spirits’ that continue to dwell, on this materialistic planet. But he continues to be deceptive and increasingly innovative in his approach, and is presenting ‘POWER’ to humans, in innumerable ‘POSSIBILITIES’ that are far beyond a mortal’s comprehension to discover it to be the ‘Forbidden Fruit’.

As per our limited comprehension, ‘POWER’ is a highly relative term and it encompasses a wide gamut of aspects and is presented to humans through infinite ‘POSSIBILITIES.’ Some of those ‘POSSIBILITIES,’ as per our comprehension are…

  1. POWER of possessing better physical strength or just being able bodied,
  2. POWER of being the stronger of the sexes (either by virtue of physique or intellect),
  3. POWER of possessing greater intellect (gained either by virtue of age, experience, exposure to tech/literacy/worldly knowledge etc.),
  4. POWER of owning money or assets,
  5. POWER of occupying an authoritative office position,
  6. POWER of holding a better status in the society,
  7. POWER of owning better infrastructure/facilities/technological know-how/greater military expertise,
  8. POWER of owning better resources,
  9. POWER of being able to help,
  10. POWER of being part of a majority group (that has a synchronous thought process or is possessing similar ideals and goals, and which in turn is part of a society or corporation or a political party or the governing council of a state or country responsible for the rights of the minorities).

Or even for that matter, say, simply the POWER of being born normal compared to someone who’s not… matters too. The list of ‘POSSIBILITIES’ is almost endless and only GOD has the complete scroll.

Time and again, God sees to it that, in some circumstance (read as ‘POSSIBILITY’) or the other, every human being is blessed with greater ‘POWER’ when compared to a fellow human being. He presents this upper hand to every human being at some point or the other in their earthly lives, simply to judge a particular human spirit’s generosity or discretion at using such ‘POWER’ bestowed upon it.

‘Abuse’ and ‘Bullying’:

So, how are you using your ‘POWER?’ We brothers can safely predict that, in all of the Homo sapiens’ existence on this planet, it is and will be mighty hard to spot at least a single human spirit, from among those infinite beings who have dwelled/ is dwelling or is even about to dwell on this mortal planet, who has rightly used/is using or will use his/her ‘POWER.’ Just like Adam and Eve have eaten the ‘Forbidden Fruit,’ humans continue to ‘EAT their POWER’ or simply put, they ‘ABUSE’ it. History is replete with instances of ‘ABUSE of POWER’ by mankind.

ABUSE is again a highly relative term. Majority levels of ABUSE are unnoticeable and pass off as normal functioning of the society. Such levels of unnoticeable ABUSE committed by a ‘human spirit’ will and can only stand for trial in God’s court of law in its ‘life after life.’ But there are some levels of ABUSE that are highly intolerable and are easily noticeable by fellow human beings. We would classify such levels of ‘ABUSE’ as ‘BULLYING.’

Ranging from…

… Acts like name calling, booing and intimidation of women, and individuals of the lesser privileged groups such as people of the LGBT communities, on everyday streets and multiple other walks of life… Combined with a daily dose of sporadic instances of rape of women, child abuse, domestic violence, abuse at work place etc. that affect a particular subset of people…

…To acts like, hazing of freshmen and initiates, at fraternities & sororities of various disciplines that widens the subset…

…To the innumerable debasing acts committed by the insurmountable demons of hatred, prejudice and bigotry that had been/are being unleashed upon the human race through multiple instances of invasions promulgated and adhered to, in the mindless pursuit of colonialist/expansionist policies, by monarchial and democratic rulers alike, over the known, better part of documented human existence – Such as, Racial Supremacism, Racial segregation, Slavery, Apartheid, Mass genocides, Terrorism, Communal violence, Ethnic strife, Civil wars, and Subjective cleansing of ethnic minorities by dictators and democratic governments alike, through ineffectual policing at times of politically instigated civil violence, and Subjugation of minority groups based on gender, sexual orientation, race, region and religion, and Grotesque treatment of prisoners of war and politics, and Rape/sodomy and objectification of women and young boys as trophies of war, etc…

…that have exploded the subset of prejudiced people into a superset, to include just about anyone and everybody…

…are all acts of ‘BULLYING.’

Simply put, ‘BULLYING’ is ‘ABUSE of POWER’ in the most ‘HEINOUS’ of ways. ‘BULLYING’ is so evil that God himself has decided that such acts of ‘HEINOUS ABUSE of POWER’ shall be dealt with an equal and opposite force during its reign on earth itself.

Sir Isaac Newton has famously formulated that, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” This well-established physics law can be attributed to even every day walks of life. Whenever or wherever an act of ‘BULLYING’ occurs, a counter active force keeps simmering within the person or entity that is bullied. This counter active force explodes at the most unexpected of times, from within the most unassuming of persons or entities that were bullied and it destroys or humbles the person or entity that has indulged in such acts of ‘BULLYING.’

In all of the documented history of mankind, no act of subjugation had been completely successful. Such barbaric acts of ‘BULLYING’ may have run rampant over a course of period and may have been partially successful, in silencing a person/group/entity/country for a particular period of time, but over the course of time, Individuals and groups of the subjugated classes have risen above such situations and reinvented themselves back with even much fuller vigor, and have proven to be ‘PHOENIXES OF PERSEVERANCE,’ time and again.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

SYNOPSIS of the Story:


Our story is about Five such unassuming ‘BULLIED’ individuals who have been denied a meaningful life by the society at large and have been at the butt end of ridicules and abuse throughout their lives simply because the ‘majority people around them who were awarded with ‘POSSIBLITIES’ by GOD, ‘ABUSED their POWER’ to the hilt and denied them their rightful place in the society.

These Five individuals persevere in their conviction to survive and collectively battle against all odds to present a ‘Super Winner,’ from among them to the society, placing the very society that has rebuked them in a hall of eternal shame. Their ‘SPIRIT OF PERSEVERANCE,’ in pursuit of their conviction to achieve their rightful ends is what qualifies each of them to be a true…  ‘UNCONQUERABLE HEART’ on an individual basis.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _



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